sharolyn (sharolyn) wrote in doitdollystyle,

A tearful farewell to the Cobbly Nob...

Our time in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg ended, we packed up and left the Cobbly Nob and headed for Virginia. (Or, as Rach has begun calling it in her Southern accent, Virginee.) Our goal: the Carter Family Fold.

Virginia was truly one of the most beautiful areas of the world I've ever been in. To get to the Carter Family Fold we took a meandering road through lush, rolling hills, with every turn showing us even more incredible sights. It was simply beautiful... as was Rachel's joy at finally seeing the Carter Family Fold. It was closed, but we wandered around for a while before packing up and heading to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

That night found us sitting in the Northshore Grille seeing an even more breathtaking sight... a hot dog eating competition, complete with colour commmentary. Quote from one of the commentators: "You google hero tomorrow and you will get Abe Lincoln, Louis Armstrong, and this man, Joey Chestnut."

We're off to Dolly's house, y'all. More later.
Tags: carter family fold, chattanooga
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