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Dolly's Dixie Stampede

Our surprisingly tasteful experience at Dollywood was more than compensated for the next night at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, a dinner and variety show centered around the Civil War. It was tactfully referred to as, "different people having different ideas of patriotism." Our lovely waitress Amanda (also known as Rachel's Future Wife) cheerily seated us with the line, "Welcome to the Dixie Stampede, where we eat with our hands and stomp with our feet!"

Parts of it were truly fabulous, such as the amazing trick riding. Parts were rather bland, like the musical numbers. There were some fun magic tricks. Most importantly, there were ostrich races, chicken chasing and pig races.

Then there was the grand finale, which included 12 horseback riders with huge American flags, Dolly on a 30 foot screen singing a special song that she specifically wrote for the event, shirts with lightbulbs sewn into them, and as the crowning touch, the releasing of the Doves of Peace.

That's what they were actually called.

Rachel and I sat and watched with huge grins on our faces, cheering everyone on to the best of our ability. We left with Rach narrowly avoiding proposing to Amanda, although she did overtip.

This southern thing is so much fun.
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