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The Food: or, Why My Digestive System May Never Be the Same.

We ate well in Tennessee. If by "well," you mean "no vegetables, and everything deep fried."

For instance, here's Rachel tucking into a lovely and tasty Deep Fried Banana Pudding.

The Banana Pudding was at Dollywood. Naturally though, there were other options for things to eat. As long as they were deep fried.

We didn't get a picture of the Fried Green Tomatoes. They are, however, deep-fried.

Gary & Gail's Pit Stop will live on in our hearts forever. To call this place a "hole in the wall" may very well insult your regular, run-of-the-mill hole in the wall. We knew it was the right place to eat when we walked in and the person behind the counter was stubbing her cigarette out in the already full ashtray behind the front counter.

We both had the catfish. And I have to say? It was really, seriously amazing.

Then, there was the Rendezvous in Memphis, located in an alley behind a posh hotel, and a restaurant that is worth travelling to the other side of our continent for, no question...

I drank BEER! I swear I'm not drunk in this picture, even though it looks like I am.

I blame this on Rachel.
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