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Bad Fashion Choices

I've been putting a lot of effort lately into not judging. It's a weakness of mine, and one I'm trying to work on.

I gave up trying to do anything at all about it during my time in Tennessee... at least in regards to fashion choices.

Confederate Flag Wear, for instance? Tacky.

Dollywood seemed to bring out the worst in people in regards to the Bad Hats... although we did master the art of the Stealth Photo, also known as Pretending to Take a Picture of Your Friend While Actually Taking a Picture of the Bad Tiger Print Hat.

Suspenders with shorts? Also not good.

Crocs loosely based on the American flag: Unfortunate.

Visors paired with sundresses, paired with white socks and black shoes: No.

Big, fluffy hats, price tag still attached: Also No.

Without criticizing anyone's religion, their right to practise it, or their right to share it with others... I still find Religious Wear of any kind to be the height of tacky. And I get to say it, 'cuz I was raised with this stuff.

I want you to notice the guy with the white baseball cap here. Ok, now look directly over his head. See the blonde, fluffy stuff? That's his girlfriend's hair. I was unable to get a picture of the makeup and breast implants, but trust me, you would have enjoyed them.

Nashville: where the girls bring their own bottle openers for a night out on the town.

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